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Vansc14 is gone, ;-; yes, he really did it. I saw a post his mom made on Facebook I talked to him the night before, I begged him not to do it, I told him not to be selfish, to think of those who cared about him, but he would listen ;-;.
 I can't believe he is actually gone, he was one of my closest friends, he was my idol Colin came to me the night before he did it. He told me that I was one of the only people who had never hurt him. I was shocked, I thought he was nice, he had some bad times with his temper, but a nice guy, and I thought people would have treated him better. He told me what happened, and why he decided to end it, as serious as he sounded, I just couldn't believe that he would actually go through with it. Colin told me what happened with Aldis and Birta, what they did to him, those horrible horrible things. He had every right to react the way he did. He even left them alone, didn't talk to them. He tried to move on. But they wouldn't let it go, they needed to hurt him more. They pushed him over the edge. ;-;
All he wanted was for people to like him, and accept him. He just wanted a girl to love him. But from what he told me, everyone was just mean to him. He told me he just couldn't take all the pain anymore. I told him that he still had me as his friend, that I was still going to be nice to him, but he wouldn't listen. I tried to get him to not do the suicide or whatever it is called in English. But, he told me he was just going to bed, and I told him not to do anything stupid.
Then I see his mom posted some notification on Facebook about his death. I couldn't believe it... He is gone.
 Colin, I will miss you so much, you were my morail. (for those who dont know Homestuck morail means friend and we often called eachothers like that ;-; )
He told me that his last request was to a girl named Annabelle, that she forgive him for what he did to her, and that she remember the time when they were friends, not when she hated him. He would not tell me what her deviant art name was, so if you know an Annabelle that Colin knew, please send her to this journal. I'm going to be leaving devaint art for a few days, I just can't stay here, I'm crying my eyes out just writing this, I've been crying for hours. I just thought you all should know what happened.
also this is his last words before he log off i was trying to talk to him when i read that but he logged off ;-;

"Remember, Big brother is always watching"
 R.I.P. Colin Vanstone, a.k.a. Vansc14


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Veselina Trifonova
um...i was see that the most of users have write their bio so i will do it too.
My name is Vesselina but you can call me Vessi ^_^ i am from Bulgaria,Haskovo
my official language is bulgarian and i still learn english. I learn that language over 7 years already and i still can`t absolutly talk it TT.TT i am good when i write it but when i must talk it i am horrible TT.TT
anyway my hair is black and my eyes are brown and i am 18 years old
My favourite animes are Naruto,naruto shippuuden,fairy tail, kuroshitsuji,durarara,hetalia,junjou romantica.
i am a realy big yaoi fan girl but that doesnt mean that i dont love and normal couples too ^_^

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